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Heavy Frame Palisade Gate


Palisade Pales Finish
Palisade gates are an alternative if you want to keep your garden open and let wind and light through while still making out your boundary. These gates sit perfectly within a run of timber palisade fencing or panels.

Handmade on Site.
Bespoke sizes made to order.
Softwood pressure treated timber, Green or Brown.
Available in Sawn or Prepared Timber.
Prices included Flat Top, Pointed or Round Top Pales.
70 X 45 mm Stiles, 70 x 30 mm Cross braces.

Technical information

  • Palisade Pales Finish: Flat top, Pointed top, Round top
  • Sizes: 0.9m Wide x 0.9 m High, 0.9m Wide x 1.2m High, 0.9m Wide x 1.8m High, 1.2m Wide x 0.9m High, 1.2m Wide x 1.2m High
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