Littlewood Fencing is now set to offer customers an even wider choice of quality fencing and agricultural equipment after linking up with leading industry brand Ritchie Agricultural. 

Established more than a century ago, ‘Ritchie’ offer a wide range of farming implements and equipment including solutions for livestock handling & care, grassland maintenance as well as yard equipment and machinery.

As the approved supply partner for the South East region, Littlewood Fencing now offer all ‘Ritchie’ products from cattle crushes, stock cubes and feeding units to yard scrapers, bailers and accumulators.

Agricultural equipment
We are delighted to have been asked to supply such a great range of quality equipment, which will complement our own range of timber gates and fencing and allow us to offer a complete service for our customers.

Jon Hobden, 
Managing Director Littlewood Fencing

Busy sheep farmers, be they hobby farmers or top professionals, should be utilising a Ritchie Combi Clamp to help them manage their sheep more efficiently.

Main Features:

A large foot treadle allows the operator freedom of movement whilst restraining the animal for treatment.

The Combi Clamp width is fully adjustable to suit different sizes of sheep.

The Combi Clamp linage is adjustable to suit different weights of operator.

Easy use for dagging, drenching, vaccinating and tagging.

Simple non-return hock bar.

Can be set-up for left or right-hand operation.

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Ritchie Combi Clamp

The innovative Ritchie Stock Cube™ handling system substantially benefits farm health and safety for animal and operator.

Self-contained and moveable from site to site, the Stock Cube unfolds to provide a freestanding stock pen with a curved sweep area within the cube and a secondary gate for the handler to work safely behind the penned stock.

The 3.2 m x 2.5 m cube unfolds to a size of 3.2 m x 5.5 m and is designed to handle stock of various sizes and weights. The unit has no corner traps allowing curious stock to move freely through the curved sheeted pen.

Fast exit operator side gates enable a single operator to manage the system whilst easily accessing a secured animal within the penned area.

Twenty x 2.5 m hurdles can be stored and transported within the cube with the whole unit designed to be loaded and handled by front forks to ease site set-up.

Working in conjunction with either a fixed or mobile cattle crush, the Stock Cube provides a safe, adaptable add-on to upgrade existing farm units or as a stand-alone system.


Portable or fixed applications.

Easily handled by forklift or pallet tines on front loader.

Easy to set-up and use.

Can transport up to 20 x 2.5m (8') cattle hurdles including pins.

Unique 'creeper' gate eliminates corner trap when operating the main sweep gate.

Easy access to and from the holding area.

Operator is behind the cattle and sweep gate whilst in operation.

Proven successful with horned cattle.


All hot dipped galvanised finish.

All sheet metal is 'safe edged'.

Self locking ratchet style catch with spring loaded slip bolts on sweep gate.

'Creeper' gate eliminates corner traps for stock.

'Bolt down' positions for fixed installations.

Large sized fork lift pockets are incorporated. 150 x 100mm.

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Ritchie Stock Cube™

As well as the products listed above, we can supply an array of feeders, animal management products, gates and farming essentials. 

Speak to a member of staff today to find out more about the items we can supply.

Call on 01424 77533, email on or pop in to the shop. Alternatively, by filling out the form below, you can request a Ritchie brochure for a full list of agricultural products that Ritchie manufacture.