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To complete your outdoor garden project we can supply the necessary fixtures, fittings and tools to ensure your finished project is perfect in every way.

We offer a complete ‘one-stop shop’ service from supply to advice on a trouble free installation to transform your garden into a stylish and individual environment.

With our expert product knowledge and experience of the industry, we are constantly improving and updating our selection of practical and innovative tools and fixings. We hope you enjoy selecting from our comprehensive range.

We all know it’s those finishing touches that can make all the difference.

We stock a large range of nails, including round wire nails, Paslode collated nails and clout nails. All of our nails are galvanised and therefore are long lasting and durable in all conditions. 

They are available in a wide array of sizes and weights to suit your fencing requirements, which our knowledgeable staff will be happy to take you through.

We also stock fencing staples both regular and barbed both of which are galvanised. These are available in a range of sizes and weights similar to the nails. They can be used on wire fencing such as stock fencing, rabbit netting or other similar types. We can also order different varieties depending on your requirements.

Nails and staples available in an array of sizes and weights

As well as nails and staples we also stock a variety of different fixings to help you complete your job. We can provide coach screws/bolts, woodscrews, concrete bolts and Timberlocks among others. 

We keep a range of sizes and gauges for all fixings and can also supply odd sizes and more specialist products to order if required. 

Contact us or ask in store to find out more information on what we currently have in stock and a list of products and sizes that we can supply to you. 

Products for fence installation

Aggregates are an important part of fence construction. We supply an array of these products including:

Post Mix.



Building Sand.

Sharp Sand.

Pea Beach.

Cold Lay Tarmac.

Aggregates are an important part of fence construction

Whether you're putting up closeboard, installing a run of wire fencing, building a garden building or simply cutting timber, we have the tools you need. We stock a huge range of quality fencing, carpentry and garden tools.

Littlewood staff know our products well and can help you to find and decide on what tool is right for the job, so pop in today to have a better look. 

Hand tools

Over time the English climate deals out a lot of punishment to timber products such as sheds, fences, decking and planters. This can lead to discolouration and eventually rot if left to the elements. Therefore here at Littlewood we stock specialist paints, oils and treatments from Ronseal and Creocote that are specifically designed to protect your timber from the weather. 

We have a large amount of different colours and tints to suit your personal space and garden decor and if you can't find the shade you're looking for we can order the exact hue from our supplier usually within 24 hours. 

Paints and treatments

Post supports have a range of uses; from allowing you to place a post on a wall or into concrete, saving you time on digging into tough ground or extending existing posts to make room for trellis, amongst others. We stock many different types of post supports and extenders that are designed to make your life easier.

We also supply brackets for use in closeboard fencing to attach arris rails to the posts. These can be used as a fast way to repair a broken arris rail, to attach the rail to a post without the need for ended rails and mortises. 

We stock all of our supports as standard in a galvanised finish, however, we are able to order them in with a brown coated finish if you require.

Brackets and post supports

As a one-stop fencing centre, we sell specialist fencing accessories to allow you to complete your project, these include:  

Folded Eye Bolts.

Loop Adaptors.

2 Pin Cleats.

Angle Cleats.

Ratchet Winders.

Bolt Locking Winders.

Ferrule Winders.

Stretcher Bars.

Threaded Bars.


Fencing accessories

As well as the products detailed above we also have a range of other items such as PostSavers which are bitumen lined sleeves that are shrunk onto the post to protect them from ground rot and insects.

 We also stock various drill bits, power tools, clothing and more. 

To find out our full product range and what we can offer, get in touch or visit us in store! 

Tools and fencing supplies for sale