About Our Concrete Products

Concrete fencing products are increasing in popularity, they are a durable, robust and mostly maintenance free. Over the lifetime of the product, they offer excellent value for money. 

Here at Littlewood Fencing, we carry large stocks of a variety of concrete products in a range of styles. 

Please contact us today to enquire about stocks, sizes and any other information you require.

Repair Spurs

Concrete repair spurs are used to repair or strengthen weakened timber posts. This eliminates the need to replace the entire post. 

At Littlewood, we stock spurs in both 3" (1m long) and 4" (1.2m long) sizes that fit standard square garden fencing posts.

Morticed Posts

Morticed concrete posts can be used as an alternative to a timber morticed post. They are incredibly strong and provide a firm base to support your fence. 

These posts can be used in the same way as a traditional wooden morticed post, in a range of fencing styles such as closeboard and palisade fencing. 

We stock the relevant concrete gravel boards and fittings to allow you to complete your project quickly and easily. 

Slotted Posts

Concrete slotted posts are an effective support solution which allows for larch lap and closeboard panels to be quickly and simply slotted into a run of fencing.

Below are some ideas of how concrete slotted posts with panels can transform your garden boundary. For more information please contact one of our friendly sales staff today.


These are just a few different possible applications for concrete posts and gravel boards. Have a look through the gallery for ideas and inspiration. 
Please contact our experienced sales team for more information on products, pricing and installation.