Sleepers & Soft Landscaping

We supply a range of sleepers and machine rounds which you can use to create borders and decorative garden elements. Along with our soft landscaping products which can provide the finishing touch to your outdoor space.

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Reclaimed Sleepers:

Grade A reclaimed railway sleepers.

Ideal for borders and steps.

265mm x 145mm (on average).

2.7m long (on average).

Reclaimed Sleepers

Softwood Sleepers:

Softwood Pine sleepers.

Ideal for borders.

200mm x 100mm  x 2.4m

225mm x 125mm x 3m

Softwood Sleepers

Machine Rounds & Half Rounds:

Ideal for use as tree stakes, decorative fencing, retaining walls or upright supports for wire netting.

Manufactured from high quality machine and treated softwood.

Machine rounds/half rounds look great in both agricultural and residential settings.

Machine Rounds & Half Rounds

Weedtex Landscaping Fabric:

Weedtex allows nutrients (including liquid feed and fertilisers), water and air into the soil to maintain its goodness and promote plant growth, whilst preventing weeds getting the daylight they need to grow.

Available in 1m x 15m / 2m x 25m sizes. 

Medium duty fabric.

Ideal for decking, flower beds and planters.

Weedtex Landscaping Fabric

Decorative Bark Chips:

Larger size bark chips made from entirely renewable resources. 

FSC approved. 

Use as a decorative mulch for beds and borders, suppression of weeds and moisture retention.

Sold in 70L bags.

Decorative Bark Chips

Multi-Purpose Compost:

This compost is enhanced with the innovative ingredient, Forest Gold, combined with essential nutrients and trace elements, to create a premium product. 

This compost formulation delivers superior plant growth, healthier plants and improved water holding capacity.

Ideal for planting jobs all around the garden for unrivalled results.

Sold in 60L bags.

Multi-Purpose Compost

Top Soil:

Our sterilised top soil is carefully selected and graded to ensure that it is lime and weed free.

Perfect for creating new beds and borders, replacing old soil, levelling lawns or making compost.

Sold in 25L bags.

Top Soil

Grow Bag:

The Bulrush Grow Bag is enriched with Forest Gold and provides vital nutrients to plants.

Ideal for growing vegetables, fruits, salads and herbs.

Sold in 33L bags.

Grow Bag