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Chestnut Pale Fencing - Various Heights, Various Spacing.

Chestnut Stakes and Straining Posts.

Chestnut Posts for Stock Fencing.

Chestnut Post and Rail.

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Garden Furniture.

Sustainable | Adaptable | Durable

Chestnut pale fencing is a traditional product that utilises the natural qualities of sweet chestnut, harvested in this country since medieval times. It is a strong and durable hardwood that weathers to an attractive neutral colour which blends in well with the natural environment. 

Sourced predominantly throughout the South East of England, chestnut is a sustainable timber that enjoys on average a 14-year life cycle from planting or layering to cutting and re-cutting. The traditional method of maintaining and harvesting chestnut coppices have not altered throughout the centuries and play an important role within the local habitat providing a balanced and healthy ecosystem as well as a livelihood for many local businesses.

Littlewood Fencing acquired ownership of 'Estates Fencing' a market leading chestnut fencing supplier which has been delivering a quality product to a wide customer base for over 50 years. We specialise in the manufacture and distribution of chestnut pale fencing, a durable, cost-effective and sustainable fencing system as well as associated products such as chestnut post and rail, gates, split posts, hurdles etc.

Pales are hand-riven from sweet chestnut, shaved of bark and stub pointed to one end. The pales are then wired together with 1.9mm galvanised wire. The line wires consist of four individual wires twisted together between the pales. Top and bottom wiring are 150mm from the ends of the pale with the optional third spaced approximately midway between the two, fixed with a 19mm galvanised staple. 

Suitable for a vast array of applications, chestnut pale fencing is proven to be an effective fencing solution that is economical, easy to install and maintenance free.

Boundary demarcation and highways fencing.

Livestock fencing.

Permanent and temporary site fencing.

Emergency cordon.

Erosion prevention for soil and beaches.

Event fencing and crowd control.

Chestnut pale fencing meets the requirements of the Health & Safety Executive for safety fencing (BS1722:4). Unlike plastic or steel systems, chestnut fencing is made from a natural and sustainable resource that is sourced locally. 

Chestnut post and rail, sometimes known as 'Sussex post and rail' is a traditional and rustic style of fencing. Made from split chestnut ended rails with morticed posts, it is sturdy and suited to a range of rural applications. It's known for its long lasting qualities.

Chestnut is a durable hardwood timber, sourced from local suppliers. It is ideal for gardens, paddocks, fields and parkland.

This type of fencing is relatively simple to install with minimal components or tools. Here at Littlewood Fencing we can supply all the items needed to create a top quality chestnut post and rail fence at very competitive rates. Whether it be corner, ends or inter posts, the 9' 6" rails, or any professional tools needed to complete the job.