Gate Automation

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24V Operators

Surface Mounted 24v Operators

The new AXO series features motors suitable for a multitude of applications. Features include built-in end stop adjustment with the ZM3E and ZLJ24 control panels in both 230V and 24V versions.

AXO is the new electromechanical operator designed for long life and utmost safety even with very large gates. The impact force developed by the gate movement conforms to the current European standards (EN12445 - EN12453 Compliant).

The dedicated panels ZM3E and ZJL24 constantly controls the gate leaves' movement allowing for safe thrust, and is also EU Compliant.

Surface mounted automation systems can be used on swing gate leaves between 1.3m and 8m in length. Quick easy installation even where space is limited by the presence of walls and fences.

Underground 24v Operators

Underground automation systems for swing gates with leaves' measuring between 1.3m and 8m in length. When performance and safety are required, the Frog 24V technology enables the potential of the operator to reach the highest levels, particularly:

Controlled Impact Forces: The 23V Frog is European standard EN12445 and EN12453 compliant, in terms of impact forces.

Blackouts No More: The Frog 24V electronic immediately acts in event of a power outage by activating the emergency function through the auxiliary batteries, to always open and close the gate (optional).

Frequent Passing: The low voltage gear motor guarantees functioning even under the most severe working conditions such as apartment blocks or industrial applications.

Obstacle Detection: A special circuit constantly analyses the proper functioning of the gate leaves', allowing for their stop, inversion of movement, when coming into contact with any obstacles.


Automatic Cantilever Sliding Gates

Where the use of conventional swinging gates are not feasible due to space restrictions, an automatic cantilevered sliding gate is an easy to install, ideal solution. We offer a bespoke service from design to manufacture where we can supply a custom built gate to match existing fencing/surroundings ensuring that the finished product is exactly what is required.

The cantilever design means that the gate is supported from one end as it opens and closes, so there is no need for a track to be fitted across the entrance. With “no track required” installed across the gate opening, a single leaf cantilever gate can span widths of up to 10m and be installed on uneven ground, over block-paving, grass, gravel or even water.

The gate glides on two sets of support/guide rollers, fixed to a concrete foundation, hidden within the main lower beam extrusion protecting them from the elements ensuring a reliable, smooth and virtually silent operation.

An automatic cantilever sliding gate complies with BS/EN 12453 (the current legislation ALL automated gates must comply with). We fit as standard a number of safety devices. The gate portal is fitted with dual height photocells and 6 Category 3 monitored live safety edges.

Automatic Cantilever Sliding Gates

Bi-Fold Trackless Speed Gates

Bi-fold trackless speed gates are the ideal solution where the speed of opening and closing is essential or where space is at a premium. 

They typically open at more than twice the speed of a traditional swinging gate of the same size which ensures a fast throughput of traffic whilst maintaining the security of the site.

The bi-fold utilises a PLC controlled, inverter driven single phase power, supplying a 3 phase motor, worm and wheel gearbox with a direct-drive shaft connected to the gate leaf, which ensures a smooth and positive movement. The speed gates are rated for 100% duty cycle, i.e. continuous operation.

The gates are supplied with a control cabinet which is mounted in the main pillar of the gate. Our gates use a superior integrated control panel and encoder which allows for a fast yet smooth direct drive action. This is more sophisticated than other models on the market.


Rising Barrier

Automatic barriers or "boom gates" are typically found at parking facilities, checkpoints and entrances to restricted areas. They are also the usual method for controlling passage through toll booths. In some places, boom gates are installed as a traffic calming measure, preventing through traffic, while allowing authorised vehicles such as emergency services and buses to take advantage of the shorter and more direct route.

The rising barriers design uses the latest technology to maintain the barrier's smooth operation, via an integral Telemecanique inverter driven motor and gearbox drive, which only requires a single phase supply, providing a smooth consistent operation.

It is controlled by a Telemecanique PLC Control Board, which can be programmed to suit any form of access control requirements, therefore allowing speedy installation and no return visits to modify the programmes.

The power input to our automatic barrier is 230v controlling a three phase motor, hence enabling us to offer reliability and high torque. With this control panel and gearbox design, we do not require any springs or counterweights to assist in the operation of the barriers.

The aluminium externally placed control cabinet has been designed to stand out from the rest. Its sleek looks are achieved by investing heavily into aluminium extrusions, which ensures product longevity, making it look as good as the day it was installed.


Automatic Retractable Traffic Bollards

The automated bollard employs a simple yet effective electrohydraulic mechanism ensuring smooth and efficient movement of the bollard. A manual override facility ensures the bollard can be lowered in the event of an emergency or power failure. 

The automatic bollard is built for performance and has been intensively tested for over 3000 manoeuvres per day.

The bollard is controlled by a CDS dedicated control unit, which is capable of controlling up to 4 bollards simultaneously, and includes a “deceleration feature” at the end of travel when opening and closing

For added safety, the bollard is fitted with an obstacle detection censor that stops and lowers the bollard if an obstacle is detected. A crown of LED lights is mounted on the top of the cylinder with a built-in acoustic warning signal.

The bollard casing is completely independent from the motor allowing it to be pre-installed prior to ground work completion.

Automatic Retractable Traffic Bollards

Automatic Rising Kerb

The automatic rising kerb is tough, reliable and un-compromising, providing the perfect solution for prevention of unwanted vehicle access in both manned and unmanned vehicle parking areas.

The automatic kerb also provides an excellent deterrent against the most determined intruder. It is manufactured from a welded rectangular hollow section frame and chequered top plate. It also features an advanced hydraulic power pack to raise and lower the unit smoothly. 

A state of the art programmable logic controller coordinates the hydraulics, access control and traffic light signalling system.

Available in widths of 2.0 to 5.0 metres and three heights for varying security levels. 340mm height for cars & vans, 500mm height for high security & 800mm height ultimate security against HGVs.

The rising kerbs are fully automatic and utilise the high-quality hydraulic technology, meaning a long durable life requiring minimal maintenance.



The full height turnstile range is a high specification turnstile, suitable for controlling access in environments such as reception areas, health clubs, theme parks, public buildings and stadiums.

Constructed from mild or stainless steel for long lasting and maintenance free performance, turnstiles can offer a comprehensive range of basic features to suit individual client requirements, including 90° or 120° rotor assemblies, canopies, down lights and fire alarm activation (to engage free rotation).

Optional extras are readily available along with options for access control.

Full height turnstile