Access Control

A fully comprehensive range of access control systems. 

An access control system is a means of restricting access to a property, building or room unless otherwise authorised. The flexibility of each system allows you to determine who is allowed to enter a building and when. 

Due to the vast options of access control, only a few are shown below.

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Multi-Channel Radio Transmitters

Multi-channel radio transmitters for any kind of application. 

868 MHz transmitters have become an essential accessory to meet the needs of modern automation.

Featuring stylish designs and small dimensions, plus a range of standard functions such as multi-user capability and self-learning mode. Ideal for residential users in apartment blocks or gated communities.  


GSM Switching

GSM switch with one N/O relay that can be used to trigger gate automation, door automation and any other access control devices. 

Fully programmable via text messages. This unit will accept any SIM card from any network.


Card Readers

Access control card reader are fitted by the controlled door and used in physical security systems to read a credential that allows access through access control points, typically a locked door or automated gate systems.


Biometric Readers

Biometric readers are an electronic device used to determine a person's identity by detecting and matching the person's physical feature such as a fingerprint or iris to a database. 

They are typically used in an area where a higher level of security is required. Portal Plus is a networked access control system with capabilities for fingerprint access, proximity access and coded access.


IP Video

A fully comprehensive range of IP-based network video security products and accessories, offering the latest in high-quality megapixel (MP) and network based video surveillance solutions technology to suit the widest possible range of applications.


Standalone Coded Entry & Push To Exit

Standalone coded entry, 12/24AC/DC 3 relays 100 codes IP54, with an operating voltage: 12~24AC/DC.  

Push to exit buttons have are IP66. 

Standalone coded entry & surface mounted weather proof green dome push to exit - Input: Request to exit (relay 1). Time out reed switch contact.


Intercom Posts

These posts are designed to mount single or dual height intercoms, digital keypads or reader in one or two positions allowing car drivers and large commercial vehicle drivers to be able to reach the relevant device from the driver's seat.


Hard Wired Audio & Video Intercoms

Modular door entry system.

Modules are available in stainless steel, aluminium or high brass. Frames are available in both surface or flush in gun metal grey, chrome or high brass for 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 or 9 modules. 

Telephones, videophones, apartment stations and video monitors with hands-free speech. 

Vandal resistant modular door entry systems. 

Modules are 12 gauge stainless steel, while frames are die cast aluminium both available in gun metal grey, chrome or gold finishes. The VR4K is part of the 4000 series and shares the same surface and flush frames. 

Installer programmed by dial-in, keypad, USB or modem.

Up to 1000 call point destinations.

No dedicated handsets required.

Only 3 connections.

400 access codes with optional keypad.

Internal clock.

2 relays, additional relays optional.

Thermostatically controlled heaters.

Exit release input.

Forward call up to 8 additional numbers.

Activity log downloaded locally or remotely.

Day/night features.


Wireless GSM Intercom

Try the benefits from our GSM range, there are fewer telephone related costs associated with our GSM range, although call charges can be more expensive than land line calls. There is no line installation cost or any line rental charges. The GSM range requires either a Pay-As-You-Go or Contract SIM card.

It is recommended that the SIM is from one of the main network service providers (Vodaphone, 02 and T-Mobile). Vodaphone and 02 are our preferred network service providers purely for the fact of seemingly better network coverage and quality of customer service experienced by us. The cost of the calls are dependant on the tariff applied by the network provider. Most calls will be well within 60 seconds so by the second call charges are preferable. 

A single user or small site would probably benefit from Pay-As-You-Go SIM while multi-user sites would be advised to use a contract SIM. The contract SIM will have a number or free minutes as part of the 'package' making calls from the Telguard free up to the air time provided. 

The key to finding out how many minutes to get on the contract SIM is to use Pay-As-You-Go initially and at the end of the first month, the amount of credit used will give an indication of how many minutes were used and so a contract SIM can be purchased to cover the call pattern.

This becomes even more flexible where the resident has a cordless phone! The running cost of the Telguard is limited to the telephone line rental and a local rate phone call each time a flat is called. Our range of systems even now include GSM-based systems so that a land line is not required, all the calls are made to the flats via the mobile network.