Security Division

Physical perimeter security is installed with the aim of either preventing an intrusion onto a restricted premises or detecting a trespasser should an intrusion occur. 

In most scenarios the recommended method of protecting property and personnel alike is through a combination of perimeter fencing, intruder alarms (PIDS), lighting and CCTV systems that deter as well as detect would be attackers. 

We are able to offer market-leading perimeter security solutions including Government approved fencing systems (CPNI), high voltage electrified fencing (Powerfence™) and a complete range of anti-climb deterrents.

As an approved Contractor to the Ministry of Justice for the install of security fencing, we are experienced at providing high and maximum security systems within sensitive, secure and hostile environments. 

Through our strong supply chain and experienced partners we offer every aspect of a holistic and integrated perimeter security system including:

High and maximum security fencing (CPNI Approved).

Perimeter Intrusion Detection systems.

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation including barriers, bollards and blockers.

Powerfence™ Electric Fencing.

CCTV and Systems integration.

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