General Fencing 

Our Range of General Fencing:

Welded mesh panel fencing.

Steel railings.

Steel palisade.

Expanded metal fencing.

Rolled weld mesh.


The General Fencing Team has a wealth of design and build experience for every fencing system across all applications.

Established in 1996, the General Fencing Division has gone from strength to strength. Forming the foundation of the Group, the division has operated successfully throughout the full spectrum of industry sectors. 

We offer all varieties of security and perimeter demarcation fencing from a broad selection of manufacturers. Most systems come in a variety of sizes, designs and finishes (Galvanised or PPC etc.) and depending on your site and your requirement we can advise as to the most suitable product.

We are not restricted by the constraints of a group brand or single manufacturing plant; and based on our site survey findings we will provide you with an honest appraisal of your site requirements and constraints.

Accordingly, we will advise you on the most suitable system to meet your needs and source this from the manufacturer offering the quality, value and service that we demand. 

We can source fencing systems from across the industry ensuring we always provide the most suitable and cost effective solution for you!

Sports & Recreation: 

Specifically developed ball court systems and child-friendly, visually appealing products provide LWF the opportunity to create a safe, secure and inclusive environment.

Mesh fencing


Easily integrated within all fencing systems and providing a high level of protection sliding, motorised, cantilever, manual and automated gates can be supplied as part of a complete perimeter system or as stand-alone item.  

Sliding gates

Commercial & Industrial: 

With the emphasis on aesthetics coupled with functionality, LWF can provide an array of solutions to form an attractive yet effective deterrent to would be intruders. 

Commercial and industrial fencing

Manufacture & Supply: 

On-site steel fabrication, timber workshop and timber treatment plant afford us the flexibility to accommodate ad-hoc site-specific fencing requirements. We also have the ability to liaise with architects and our trusted manufacturers to design bespoke tailored fencing solutions.

Fencing suppliers

Schools & Education Centres: 

Safety and security of school buildings and grounds is high on the agenda of many teachers and parents. We can provide a variety of visually-appealing yet secure systems that provide exactly this.

School fencing

Environmental Protection: 

Environmental issues are increasingly important within the construction industry, from protecting wildlife within a construction zone (newt, badger, deer fencing etc.) to developing environmentally-cohesive products (e.g. Nature Rail).

Eco fencing