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Littlewood Renewables

The largest UK based installer of ground mounted solar systems.

We offer our clients a complete solution comprising of:

Complete Mechanical Installation including post driving, steel erection and panel install (we don’t string up or connect but do have close links with several electrical contractors that we are happy to bring to the table as a subcontractor).

All ground works including cable trenching and backfill.

Perimeter fencing.


We are a customer-focused company. We will guide you through every stage of the construction process from design, through to installation, commissioning and handover… whatever size your project!

As an accredited installer and supplier of Solar PV systems we guarantee a high level of service. 

Littlewood Renewables offer you the latest technological innovations at affordable prices, making solar power a practical solution for everyone.

Our knowledge and experience has become richer through working closely with other specialists on a wide range of interesting and challenging energy and construction projects.

From the start our business has been built up by working collaboratively and flexibly with others and this is an ethos that holds true today.

With innovative, high quality and cost effective solutions we work hard to maintain our position at the forefront of the solar energy sector with our aim of establishing Littlewood Renewables as the UK specialist in renewable energy and energy management. 

Our experience and personal approach enables us to meet clients’ needs in a professional and efficient way to ensure quality service from the very start right through to the successful completion of the contract.

We pride ourselves in a clean and tidy workforce, our friendly approach and ethical values are something we entrust in all of our members of staff.

Littlewood Renewables

Solar energy is being used all over the world to produce electricity and it is easy to understand if you know the way.

To generate electricity from the sun the first thing you need is one or more solar PV modules (solar panels). PV is an abbreviation for Photovoltaic which is the generation of electricity from solar radiation (sunlight).

Each solar panel consists of solar cells; these cells contain photovoltaic materials, predominantly silicon which contains electrons. Photons of light present in the sun’s rays"excite" these electrons into a higher state of energy allowing them to act as charge carriers for an electric current. The metal grids surrounding the solar panels direct this current into wires that lead to the power controls. 

Solar panels are installed in a south facing direction and convert sunlight into clean solar electricity without pollution, noise or radiation. An interesting side note: Photons are also called quanta. They are literally "packets of sunlight". It takes a photon about a million years to work its way to the surface of the sun, but once free it is hurled through space so fast that it reaches earth in just eight minutes - after travelling 93 million miles!


As a leading UK supplier and installer of solar energy products, Littlewood Renewables will also be the right choice for all your ground mounted solar needs.

2 MW Energy Park - Dunsfold, Surrey, UK.

50 KW Mage frame project - Hog Grills Lane, Birmingham, UK.

50 KW Mage frame project - Pennybridge Stables, Carmarthen, UK.

5MW site - Parkwall, Bridgwater.

12.3 MW project - Chediston Hall, near Ipswich, UK.

5 MW hilt frame project - Chittering, Cambridge, UK.

1 MW project - Boston, Lincolnshire, UK.


We are proud partners with the companies listed below. We provide you with a complete solution for your solar farm installation from funding through to generation.

Arun Construction Services - our electrical partner.

MAGE SunFIXINGS - our framework partner.

Hill & Smith Limited - our second framework partner.

Lightsource Renewable Energy Ltd - large scale solar PV projects partner.

Integrated Security Design Ltd - security partner.