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Larch Lap Panel


Larch Lap Panels are a standard garden fence panel.

At Littlewood Fencing, we hand make all our Larch Lap Panels using pressure treated Waney Edge Slats, 38mm x 16mm Battens and finished with panel capping.

Our panels are also made with battens on both sides for added strength and durability. 
They can be used with either timber or slotted concrete posts. These panels are an ideal and cost-effective way to fence your garden boundary.

Technical information

  • Colour: Brown, Green, Green or Brown
  • Dimensions: 6' Wide
  • Material: Treated Softwood Timber
  • Size: 6 ft Wide x 5 ft 6" High, 6ft Wide x 2ft High, 6ft Wide x 3ft High, 6ft Wide x 4ft High, 6ft Wide x 5ft High, 6ft Wide x 6ft High
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